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Thecus NAS (PHP)

A collection of check scripts to monitor newer THECUS NAS applicances. Works on XI, unable to tell if it works on others... please let me know ig you use it, and will add it.

/Category:SAN and NAS

carel pCOWeb HIWEB CCAC 01.03

This checks are used on the chillers (Lennox DHADC 110) in my server room. They are running Carel pCOWeb, FW A1.4.9 - B1.2.4 HIWEB CCAC 01.03 2019-09-02 16:00


Liebert Vertiv

This is a Nagios plugin that checks various properties of a Liebert Vertiv ITA-20k00AL3A02E00 !! it's a W.I.P. Please let me know if you have additions or adjustments. ======


Thecus Check SNMP

Thecus Check SNMP This is a Nagios plugin that monitors your Thecus via SNMP instead of using logins and apssword (which can overload the Thecus)

/Category:SAN and NAS