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Nimble Storage Hardware Pool Disk Space API Check Script

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  • Nagios XI
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The script utilises the Nimble Storage API to provide some basic disk space usage monitoring. Although the Nimble Storage alerting system via Infosight is very good, we all know the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing a nice green service status in NagiosXI. The script only really needs to be scheduled to run once every 30 minutes or so. The script makes use of the Nimble Storage API, it is recommended to create a read-only account on the Nimble Storage array(s), this can be AD/LDAP or local.

The script is written in Python 2.7, check the shebang line at the start of the file to ensure the path to your interpreter is correct.

The script monitors the chosen pool, typically this will be the "default" pool, but you can specify to monitor different pools if you have them on your array.

Example usage:

./check_nimble_space_api.py -e https://array.domain.co.uk:5392 -u username -p password -w warningthreshold -c criticalthreshold -q poolname

The warning and critical thresholds should be given as integers of unit TB. And the pool name as the pool name as it appears in the Nimble Storage GUI or CLI, typically this is "default".

Within NagiosXI configuration you can use the -e as an argument and enter the URL as written, NagiosXI appears to deal with the escapes correctly.
You may need to put the password in single quotes (if it contains weird characters).

There is a debug mode, add "-d" to the end of the command string for more detailed output for troubleshooting operation of the script, this is best run from the command line of the NagiosXI server.

# Version History
# 1.0 - 20/01/2020 - First Release
# 1.1 - 20/01/2020 - Feature Added - Added the performance monitoring statistics for Free space, so NagiosXI can graph these metrics overtime.
# 1.2 - 02/02/2020 - Feature Added - Added the performance monitoring for all the ouputs, so NagiosXI can graph these metrics overtime; thanks to "42bios" for the suggestion and code.
Reviews (1)
by42bios, January 23, 2020
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
i comment out line 156 and added the following line at 157, so all values can be used as perfdata:

strCheckOutputPerfData = "| used="+str(intPoolUsageTB)+"TB; capacity="+str(intPoolCapacityTB)+"TB; free="+str(intPoolFreeSpaceTB)+"TB; CompRatio="+str(fltPoolCompRatio)+"X; SavingRatio="+str(fltPoolSavingsRatio)+"X"