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bydaniel_cioruta, June 6, 2016
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
lsdrive check will never notify a degraded or offline disk.

You should replace the commented lines with the next line following the commented line:

my %lsdrive_states = (
#'' => 'OK',
'online' => 'OK',
'offline' => 'CRITICAL',
'degraded' => 'CRITICAL', );

} elsif ($check eq "lsdrive") {
# * online: blank
# * degraded: populated if associated with an error
# * offline: must be populated
$svc_command = "lsdrive";
$item = "mdisk member";
$item_name = "id";
#$item_state = "error_sequence_number";
$item_state = "status";