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Plugin for Intel(R) RAID SAS-controllers and Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II

2 votes
check_intel_raid.plversion 0.1
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Plugin to test Intel(R) RAID controllers using SAS software stack and Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II RAID products
This script - modified version of check_promise_chassis.pl
by Barry O'Donovan - http://www.barryodonovan.com/ .

Designed specifically for the Intel S5000PAL motherboard but should be work with other
models, which have controllers, supported by Intel’s RAID Web Console 2.
List of supported RAID controllers can be found here:
http://downloadmirror.intel.com/16416/ENG/ir3_Linux_RWC2_2.64-00_readme.txt .
Intel’s RAID Web Console 2 must be installed on Intel's server in server-mode
Distribution of Intel’s RAID Web Console 2 can be found here:

Tested with nagios 3.0.3
Reviews (1)
byjriker1, January 4, 2016
Nice program. Checks to make sure your virtual disks are running optimally. I am using the LSI version of the Raid Web Console II application as it's newer and has the add on for SNMP support. It nicely scrolls thru all your virtual disks and summarizes it's findings like below:

Virtual Disks OK. Virtual Disk 0 in state optimal. Virtual Disk 1 in state optimal.