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bydhedlund, December 1, 2016
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
I've used NConf for a long time, and while not quite perfect, it does an excellent job. It works great on Ubuntu 14.04 and Nagios Core 4.2. It doesn't seem to like PHP 7, so I've had a tougher time getting this to work on Ubuntu 16.04. The website says NConf is not being actively developed, but I'm hoping that changes. At the moment, I'm looking for something to replace NConf, due to the development inactivity, but personally haven't found something I like more.
bydhedlund, September 8, 2016
It works okay, but I couldn't get pnp4nagios to like the performance data. No charts were created. If you only need monitoring and alerting, this might be okay for you.

I'm also not sure I found the correct version of the files. Both Nagios Exchange and the GitHub website say v1.3 is available, but inside the files I downloaded it had an older version number (1.2), older date, and older version history.
bydhedlund, October 9, 2015
Works great on packaged Nagios 3.51 build on Ubuntu 14.04. No issues.
bydhedlund, October 9, 2015
Works great on packaged Nagios install on Ubuntu. No issues.
bydhedlund, October 9, 2015
Is the performance data output not in a format that pnp4nagios understands? If that's the case, can someone change it?

@CK7: I had similar results, but I think I fixed it. Some of the variables have single hyphens, but worked when I changed them to double hyphens like the other variables. Try this command line, instead:
[ ./check_dell_md3200 --c1 MyIP1 --c2 MyIP2 --mode 'virtualdisks' --a 'Current KB' --r 'emptyset' --perf --md3000 ]