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12 votes
check_snmp_printerthe new script (0.2)
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medium shellscript, wich allows you to check printers via snmp
This script allows you to monitor:

*The exact Printer Name - Always OK
*The Pagecount - Always OK with Perfromace Data
*Some Messages - Always OK
*Consumables - Toner,Drum,Transfer,Fuser; If Provided from the Printer, you'll get Performance Data, otherwise only OK,Warning Critical.
*The Paper trays - Kindof buggy since some Printers use different OIDs, and most(of them i tested) only give Info about warnig Critical and OK, and some not even that (HP220 is alway ok, even if Tray is pulled out)
Reviews (7)
bypevsyl, January 24, 2017
After the instalation in a debian nagios server.
Some problem appeared.
1) line 60: Syntax Error: "(" unexpected...
You need to change the First line to #!/bin/bash
2) Some of problem with the consumable. Ie when you say
./check_snmp_printer public CONSUM noir
you have : Error OID not found,maybe your Printer does not support checking this device, call me with Option CONSUM TEST or see help.
The part for consumable code begin at the line 180.
the ID is not correct you need to change -f8 with -f13
3) I have one consumable with 10% and that cause an error.
you need to change the condition in the if. -lt with -le for example : if [ "$STATUS" -le "30" ] and if [ "$STATUS" -le "10" ]

You may not have these errors but me I had. Sorry for my bad english. I will say, I have never develop with bash before.
byhalysan, September 16, 2015
Perfect with HP LaserJet 4250!
I got this error and the clue was:
bdispatcher@laptop:~/file printers.ini
printers.ini.original: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators

So the solution is to convert it with fromdos, unix2dos, or something like that.

Hope it helps you
byzoemu, October 12, 2011
line 60: Syntax Error: "(" unexpected...
byjason_leonard, August 16, 2010
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
This was the perfect plugin for our environment when starting out with Nagios. It was the only one that used universal OIDs, and we have many different brand printers. I also liked how the options allowed you to control the information that was output.

If you like this plugin, but need more features, please check out my revised version:
byaradke, January 19, 2010
I did find I had to change it from /bin/sh to /bin/bash but other than that it worked perfectly on a range of printers.
bywszachau, December 17, 2009
After downloading I needed to make a few small changes, but most of it works pretty well. And quite clearly a lot of work has gone into putting this script together. Well worth it.
I will submit a couple of enhancement recommendations to the author.