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check_printer - All in one printer check suitable for most devices

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This plugin can monitor printers of multiple vendors (HP, Kyocera, Ricoh, Nec, Lexmark, NRG ...). It supports private mibs of Ricoh and Kyocera. Can read papertray status, toner/ink status, hardware part status, internal counters and alert status. For Kyocera it can read accounting/Kostenstellen too. Provides perfdata.

This plugin is written in php and requires php_snmp
- Added kyocera 13XX Support
- Added Ricoh Support (thanks to Sebastian Puschhof)

The plugin was developed by the security company ciphron. It was tested with several hundred printers. For more information in german visit: Nagios ├╝berwacht Papierf├Ącher, Toner, Tinte und Kostenstellen bei Druckern.

Last update: Oliver Skibbe (oliskibbe (at) gmail.com)

Commandline (with german comments):

check_printer ip community snmpversion command

SNMPversion -> 1 or v2c

-> counter num
Gibt verschiedenen Counter des Druckers aus. Counter 2-num sind Ricoh spezifisch.
Counter 1 ist immer Lifetimecounter fuer gedruckte Seiten. Liefert perfdata.
Status ist immer OK wenn Counter existiert ansonsten UNKNOWN.

-> toner/ink num warn max
Gibt den Status des Toners bzw der Tinte aus. Liefert Fuellstand als perfdata wenn
moeglich. Wenn der Drucker falsche Maximalwerte fuer Patronen/Toner liefert
(z.b. HP Businessink) kann mit max der richtige Wert angegeben werden (meist 100).
warn gibt die Schwelle zwischen ok und warning an (0.0 bis 1.0; default: 0.2 = 20%)

-> paper num warn
Gibt den Status des Papiertrays num aus. Liefert Fuellstand als perfdata wenn moeglich.
warn gibt die Schwelle zwischen ok und warning an (0.0 bis 1.0; default: 0.2 = 20%)

-> hardware num
Gibt Status der Komponente num aus (z.b. CPU, RAMDISK).
Liefert perfdata wenn moeglich (Bedeutung oft ungewiss).

-> parts num
Gibt den Status des Druckerteiles num aus (Bsp: Rear Unit).

-> alerts
Gibt alle wichtigen Druckermeldungen aus. Ignoriert soweit moeglich unwichtige Meldungen
(z.b. Energiesparmodus oder Aufwaermphase). Gibt bei jeder Meldung Status=warning.
Bei Meldungen die trained bzw fieldservice erfordern oder servity gleich critical ist
wird Status=critical zurueckgegeben.

-> accounting pw num warn
Gibt den Status der Kostenstelle 1-num aus (Kyocera). Kostenstellen koennen per
"KM Net for Accounting" oder im Druckermenu durch gedrueckt halten von OK und
Druck auf Menu erstellt werden.
Passwort setzt sich zusammen aus Druckernummer (4stellig) und wird dann mit 0 auf
15 Stellen aufgefuellt. (bsp FS-2000 => 200000000000000)
warn gibt die Schwelle zwischen ok und warning an (0.0 bis 1.0; default: 0.2 = 20%)
Liefert perfdata


check_printer ip community snmpversion command num

Num depends on your printer, some printer do have some extra covers or have a ssd so please try to set num for yourself correctly (mostly there are more than one counter)

# paper tray 2
$ check_printer public 1 paper 2

# alerts
$ check_printer public 1 alerts
OK - ( 5 3 10 1 0 1001) ( 5 3 10 1 0 1001)

# pagecounts, just iterate through the argument after counter

$ check_printer public 1 counter 1
OK - Total: 95 | pagecount=95;

# hardware parts
$ check_printer public 1 hardware 1
OK - FS-2100DN Status=2 | data=2;

# hardware parts
$ check_printer public 1 parts 1
OK - Top Cover Status=4
Reviews (10)
byvini0712, May 20, 2016
Hello, yet don't probe this script, but you can find the code description for each one in RFC1759
Hi there,
I'm using this plugin for toner/ink and alert checks on a handful of Kyocera printers. Toner states are working just fine.
Now to the big, noisy "however" ;)
When there is an alert on a Kyocera FS-4100DN printer (e.g. "toner low"), it does not return "toner low", but a cryptic warning code like

"WARNING - warning codes: 1104,( 4 6 5 1 0 503) ( 5 4 11 1 0 1104)".

If I understand it right, 1104 should stand for "toner low" (at least that's what the printer display says) while 503 could be one of the "ok codes" which are ignored ("sleep mode" and the like). No idea whatsoever what all the other numbers are about.

Does anyone by chance know of sth like an alert code table on the internet? I have not yet been able to find anything in the manuals or by googling.

Thanks a lot in advance!
bymklugt, April 10, 2015
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Had some issues with my HP LaserJet 400 MFP M425dn and my HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn, contacted the owner and got great support - everything works like a charm now. I absolutely recommend this plugin!
bySpik31, October 8, 2014
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
This is a great plugin, you can use php5-snmp package to run the plugin.

Does a good amount of detail for the checks, so it may need multiple check commands defined so that you can get the full status of the printer!
byslobis, November 11, 2013
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Can someone please post examples of the syntax for this plugin? I had tried every combo I can think of and all I get is the damn help text everytime.
bypretorians, December 11, 2012
Guys,I got below error.Please help me.

Error: Service check command 'check_printer' specified in service 'check' for host 'l3_ricoh' not defined anywhere!
bynotverynick, June 20, 2012
So this is the best plugin I can find, we use Ricoh, this plugin rocks.


What I need to know is, will the printer print if I hit print. Currently the printer can be in a state where it will not print yet the plugin returns either warning or even ok.

For example this morning one of mine has a lever out of place and this was treated as a warning when no jobs would print.

So Essentially I'd love to see this wonderful plugin updated :) I'd actually like:

OK - will print (as much info as you'd like to give)
Warning - unecessary
Critical - won't print (info)

Regardless of my comments this IS the number 1 printer plugin :)
byLuiso, February 23, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I've test all the scripts of this webpage, and in my opinion is the best. It informs about all the important things that happens in the printers. Goo job. And thanks!
bymaniattico, November 25, 2010
1 of 2 people found this review helpful
This plugin is perfect on my HP and Canon printers, however I cannot change the value of toner/ink level :(
byhoedlmoser, July 29, 2010
1 of 2 people found this review helpful
best check_print ever seen!