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bymarcelbpunkt, May 9, 2016
Hi there,
I'm using this plugin for toner/ink and alert checks on a handful of Kyocera printers. Toner states are working just fine.
Now to the big, noisy "however" ;)
When there is an alert on a Kyocera FS-4100DN printer (e.g. "toner low"), it does not return "toner low", but a cryptic warning code like

"WARNING - warning codes: 1104,( 4 6 5 1 0 503) ( 5 4 11 1 0 1104)".

If I understand it right, 1104 should stand for "toner low" (at least that's what the printer display says) while 503 could be one of the "ok codes" which are ignored ("sleep mode" and the like). No idea whatsoever what all the other numbers are about.

Does anyone by chance know of sth like an alert code table on the internet? I have not yet been able to find anything in the manuals or by googling.

Thanks a lot in advance!