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Steelhead Riverbed status/peer check plugin

4 votes
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This plugin checks health status on Steelhead Riverbed devices, verifies that required peers are connected and returns traffic counter values. It is optimised for speed and low traffic usage.
This plugin attempts to work faster and use less traffic (in comparison to similar plugins) by employing SNMP bulk mode requests, which makes it more stable on slow traffic-starved WAN links. It also packs both status checks and multiple peer checks in a single package, which means less processes to be started by Nagios.

It is written in Perl and needs Net::SNMP and Error modules.
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I have add folllowing
Support SNMP v3, checking system CPU, Temp, Connections, Uptime

How I can share the script?

byderekmorris7, June 9, 2009
Just got 2 of these Riverbeds and this is a nice and easy plugin to accompany them. Thanks!!