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byderekmorris7, June 22, 2009
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Not easy to get working, still having hell of a time getting DBD::Sybase to install. Really would like to have this but most likely wont due to sybase requirement.
byderekmorris7, June 15, 2009
Works just as advertised. Very nice to have. Now if only there was one for all colors :)
byderekmorris7, June 9, 2009
Just got 2 of these Riverbeds and this is a nice and easy plugin to accompany them. Thanks!!
byderekmorris7, June 8, 2009
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Vautour Style
Wont work on 3.1.0, no top bar and side bar comes up with white texty look.
Owner's reply

I had no problem with this Nagios version (3.1.0) using the skin. However, this developpement version use the index.php file instead of index.html. The skin was created for Nagios 3.0.6. and is using index.html file. You must configure your Web server for using the index.html file instead of the index.php file.