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Check Paloalto A500

4 votes
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Check Paloalto A500 firewall via SNMP
Check Paloalto A500 firewall via SNMP

For the moment I only got it to check CPU..
If anyone can tell me how to do more Ill be happy to include it...

I hope you will find this useful as I did, But I dont guarantee it will work for you
Reviews (3)
Some check available with your plugin force -w / -c paramters. But why spécify critical and warning limit for check model / ha / firmware ???

Also it's a good check!
bydagibbs, October 3, 2012
Have you done any further work on this?

It doesn't work very well on version 4.1 of PanOS - I get an output of "OK" no matter the threshold I put in, and the output when run from command line is weird.

OK: Mgmt - , Data - | mgmt=;data=;1;2

is what I get.

If I knew anything about perl, I'd try to fix it myself, but as a programmer I make a pretty good bricklayer. I can provide OID's from an snmpwalk if you need them for other object types.
bytrevor, October 17, 2011
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Thanks for writing this Nagios check for Palo Alto firewall, it works well. Well done

When is the other ckeck type such as fan,ps,mem, temp comming?
Owner's reply

Currently the software version of my firewall doesn't support these snmp addresses.
I guess when we'll upgrade I'll complete the plugin