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Cisco Switches and routers

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Generic snmp v1 plugin to perform checks on any Cisco switches/routers. For exemple checks like Vlan1, Po1, Gi1/0/1, Fa0, ATM0, FastEthernet0/1 etc ...are supported (SNMP package is required)
Please install perldoc package to read examples and for more information: perldoc check_cisco.pl
Reviews (7)
Return code of 13 is out of bounds : (No output on stdout) stderr: execvp(/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_cisco.pl, ...) failed. errno is 13: Permission denied))
bymurali, March 27, 2018
is there any updated version of this plugin?
is it possible to convert the output from octets to MB or Mb?
Because the performance data didnt getting output so ther pnp4nagios not able to plot graph.
byrjmontenegro, July 19, 2017
Hi TonyPnode.
Can share the script with the SNMP v3 changes?
byTonyPnode, June 20, 2017
From what I could tell, this works great, however, it didn't have SNMPv3 support. I modified the script by adding in the pertinent v3 requirements (level, username, auth method, auth pass, priv method, and priv pass), and updated the walks and the gets. It works perfect for me now. I will clean up what I have and post it soon.
I used this to monitor Cisco ASR9010 CPU,memory, fan, temp, etc.
For CPU is ok. But when i monitor memory, the free memory is only 1%. then i contact to network guy. he check from CLI and output shows,
Physical Memory: 6144M total (4120M available)
Application Memory : 5887M (4120M available)
Image: 63M (bootram: 63M)
Reserved: 128M, IOMem: 64K, flashfsys: 0
Total shared window: 41M
Is there anything I need to change for memory?
For Fan, the output show, "Fans: OK - 0 Fans are running all good | total=0 err=0"
For temp, the output show
"[root@nagios01 libexec]# ./check_c4510.pl -H -C nagios -t temp -w 45 -c 55
The switch can't report temperature via SNMP
Syntax Error! "
Let me know what should i change?

Thanks for your plugin.
bydasgeek, February 25, 2013
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Nice plugin is it possible to convert the output from octets to MB or Mb?
bynishith, July 10, 2012
Since many weeks,i was trying to get plugin to monitor "individual port of Cisco 2960 & 3560" switches. Finally, I found this plugin which satisfied me.

Below is the configuration.

In "commands.cfg" file

define command{
command_name check_cisco
command_line $USER1$/check_cisco.pl -H $HOSTADDRESS$ $USER7$ -n $ARG1$ $ARG2$

In "switch.cfg" OR your Nagios configuration file for cisco switch,

define service{
use generic-service ; Inherit values from a template
host_name Cisco 2960 Switch_10
service_description Check_Interface_Port_0/1
check_command check_cisco!-C cis2960 -i GigabitEthernet0/1

That's it.

Don't forget to copy this plugin in "/usr/local/nagios/libexec/" directory