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check_cisco_envmon (YAML)

Current Version
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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check_cisco_envmon (YAML)
It checks the components hardware status and their functional value levels in CISCO-ENVMON MIB compliant Cisco devices
Plugin allows you checking the operational status of power supplies, fans, voltage and temperature levels managing these values:

· Normal: The component or checked value is healthy or in the operational value range.
· Warning: Component with degraded working state or values out of range but still not reaching critical values.
· Critical: Component working state is critical or the checked value level has raised critical values.
· Shutdown: Component status or value level is so degraded that the device will shutdown for auto protection.
· Not Present: Checked component is not present.
· Not Functioning: Checked component reports abnormal values, thus not functioning state is considered.

Relative to functional values, plugin returns voltage levels and temperature values as performance data. Plugin is Nagios 3.x (ePN) compatible.

This plugins upgrades the already existing check_cisco_envmon (http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Hardware/Environmental/check_cisco_envmon/details) by providing additional features:

· It can be run in test mode in order to check device compatibility and retrieving a ENVMON component list.
· It allows setting an include and exclude component list instead of checking all device components.
· It allows defining what component state generates each alarm type (warning/critical) instead of always generating the component reported status, what doesn't manage important values as Shutdown.
· It returns discrete values as performance data.

On the downside, this plugin doesn't support SNMP v3.


check_cisco_envmon -H

If available, displays info of the device with address using SNMP protocol version 1 and 'public' as community (useful for checking compatibility and displaying environmental data).

check_cisco_envmon -H -f all -s 1003 -w 2,6 -c 3,4

Checks all avaliable fans, and the power supply with id 1003 on a host with address using SNMP protocol version 1 and 'public' as community string. Plugin returns CRITICAL if any checked sensor has a environmental state equals to 'critical'(3) or 'shutdown'(4), and WARNING if any checked sensor has a environmental state equals to 'warning'(2) or 'notFunctioning'(6). In other case it returns OK if check has been performed or UNKNOWN.