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check_cisco_wlc - Cisco WLC Checks

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Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
check_cisco_wlc.phpPHP Nagios Script.
check_cisco_wlc.cfgPNP configuration file
check_cisco_wlc_checkall.phpPNP Template
check_cisco_wlc_total.phpPNP Template
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Script I wrote to check the total associations on a WLC as well as total associations per access point on the WLC. Free for any to use and modify.

Used and tested on a 4400 series WLC.
check_cisco_wlc <'checkall' or 'total'>

"checkall" checks the total associations on every individual access point. Use warning and critical values as normal to warn you if a single access point gets overloaded.

"total" gives you a total count of all users connected to all access points (On all SSIDs, may change this later to narrow it down more.)

PNP4Nagios templates attached.
Place check_cisco_wlc.cfg in the check_commands directory in your pnp4nagios installation etc directory.

Place check_cisco_wlc_total.php and check_cisco_wlc_checkall.php in your pnp4nagios templates directory.
Reviews (1)
bydamned, May 25, 2017
works fine with Cisco 2504 too