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FileDescription version 0.2 version 0.3 version 0.4
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check_cisco_envmon script that uses CISCO-ENVMON-MIB (ePN compliant)
Requires Net::SNMP.

Check environmental status of Cisco via SNMP.

Usage: -H -C --help --version

-H (--hostname) Hostname to query - (required)
-C (--community) SNMP read community or v3 auth (defaults to public)

(v3 specified as username:authpassword:... )
username = SNMPv3 security name
authpassword = SNMPv3 authentication pass phrase (or hexidecimal key)
authprotocol = SNMPv3 authentication protocol (md5 (default) or sha)
privpassword = SNMPv3 privacy pass phrase (or hexidecmal key)
privprotocol = SNMPv3 privacy protocol (des (default) or aes)

-v (--snmp_version) 1 for SNMP v1

2 for SNMP v2c (default)
3 for SNMP v3

-s (--sps) Single power supply used
-V (--version) Plugin version
-h (--help) usage help

Primary MIB reference - CISCO-ENVMON-MIB

Version 0.4 added snmpv3 support
Version 0.3 Typo of UNKNOWN - fixed

$snmp was not checked for being defined - fixed (thanks Sylvian Collilieux)

Version 0.2 conformed with ePN
Reviews (1)
byDantePasquale, November 7, 2012
I'm getting a status of 'null' in Nagios, but when run from the comnand line and checking return code via 'echo $?' the command returns 0 for OK and the text string says OK. What's wrong in my config?