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Rittal CMC-TC support for Nagios

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rittal_cmc-v1.0.3.shCheck variable status, OK or Alarm, from a Rittal CMC-TC units. Now supports Rittal ISDN-unit.
rittal_temp-v1.0.2.shCheck temperature status from Rittal CMC-TC
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Simple shell scripts to read Rittal CMC-TC variables using its web interface. Supports all I/O units and LCP-unit.
Here is a very simple way to get OK/Alarm status from Rittal CMC-TC units, it supports all I/O units and LCP-unit. It reads OK/Alarm status of any available variable thru CMC-TC webinterface. Now supports also ISDN-unit.
Second example is for reading temperature sensors from CMC-TC, supports reading any temperature like status from CMC-TC.
v1.0.3 20090109: Added support for Rittal ISDN-unit