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This plugin sends an email and then checks a pop3 account for this mail.
This plugin is written in python and does two things each time it runs :

1 - Sends an email containing an id to a specified address, and stores the id to a specified file.

2 - Checks a specified pop3 account to see if the previous message was received.

Usage :
Reviews (3)
Nice simple checker but it likes to issue Warnings with (null) returned

The solution is to use own idfile for each instance or do "sed -i 's/idfile = a/idfile = a + popserver" on the file
The pluging is working great. I added ssl support, fixed the missing subject and date in the mail header and put some text to the body to get the mail through spamassassin. :)

download the patch from:
Strange thing : if I launch this plug-in from console, it works perfectly and says that message was delivered in 6 seconds.
But it nagios web interface itself, it is producing warning, like:
Notification Type: PROBLEM

Service: MXLoop test
Host: ********************-Loop-Test
Address: *****************

Date/Time: Mon Feb 1 05:26:55 EST 2010

Additional Info:


What can be the reason?