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byschoppa, February 7, 2011
The plugin will never work safely, because a

dig @nameserver.tld domainname.tld

will always give a different output depending on the order and number of the namservers in the "AUTHORITY SECTION".

Patch: http://codeviewer.org/view/code:1712
byschoppa, January 31, 2011
use AuthIQAuth instead of AuthSend in line:

my @resp = $ocon->AuthIQAuth(username=>$username,password=>$password,resource=>'Home',tls=>$is_ssl);

Tested with openfire 3.6.4
The pluging is working great. I added ssl support, fixed the missing subject and date in the mail header and put some text to the body to get the mail through spamassassin. :)

download the patch from:

byschoppa, January 27, 2011
works perfect. I'm checking cyrus 2.2.13.