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check_blackberry (updated)

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update of Philipp Deneu plugin. Editor's Note: Plugin seems to have disappeared.
I simply modify the nagios plugin of Philipp Deneu

To push the definition of this check, I update it to add a test for the free licences remaining. Most of system return INTEGER:0 to the OID request and
I just add a total licence variable and the script return the licences remaining.

check_blackberry2 Help:
-H : Hostname/IP of BES
-C : SNMP Community. Default: public
-Q query : the part to query:
srpconnect= SRP connection status
bes-version= BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version
pending= Number of messages pending
licenses= Number of free Licenses
freelicences= Number of free Licenses
-T : Total Licenses Threshold
-w : Warning Threshold
-c : Critical Threshold
Usage: check_blackberry2 -H -C -Q -T -w -c