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MySQL Replication Lag Time

2 votes
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A shell script (/bin/sh) that connects to a specified MySQL slave database and checks the replication lag time.
Required parameters: host, user, password. Optional parameters: seconds to warn at, and seconds to be critical at. The default is to warn if replication falls more than 30 seconds behind, and go critical if replication falls more than 60 seconds behind. Also goes critical if the slave is not running, and therefore the lag time is NULL.

Suggestions welcome.
Reviews (2)
bynkadel, February 2, 2015
This is redundant: it's built into the nagios-plugins published 'check_mysql' package, which is tested and maintained. Use 'check_mysql -S' and review the options desired.
Only needs the mysql command line client, which is nice.

Needed some rework to work well, new version here:
http://pastebin.com/jkzC8pDe (full)
http://pastebin.com/dybGAjzg (diff)

Problems fixed are:
- Connection failure not handled at all
- Error messages from mysql not captured
- Garbage output when called without command line arguments
- Does not work at all because of use of "==" bashish, despite calling /bin/sh
- cut is in /usr/bin, not /bin, at least on Debian/Ubuntu

Thanks for the plugin!