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Search Auto-complete


Search Auto-complete This is a small but useful tweak to the Nagios search function, that implements autocomplete. The existing tutorial in this category failed to work for me, so I accomplished the same thing with jQuery. Note that in my setup, I use the Vautour style. ...


V-Shell and Vautour style, combined


In this article, I explain how to modify V-Shell to make it like the Vautour style for classic Nagios. I found it to be truly worth the effort. Try it out!

/Category:Web Interfaces

Check Fortigate Status


This script is a modification of "Check Fortigate CPU load" (or check_fortigate_cpu.pl). I have modified it to work with our models (200A and 80C). Perhaps someone will find it useful. It works for CPU and RAM usage, as well as active sessions. ...


Dell Server Check


This plugin connects directly to a DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) or iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) and provides information about the server and its status. This program does not require OpenManage to work, and is thus more ind ...