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Nagios check in python review the license expiration date of a Cisco CSR1000V using snmp.



Nagios check in python review the number of APs associated to a Cisco Wlan Controller using snmp and trigger alarms if less than critical or warning threshold.


F5 APM Concurrent Users

Nagios plugin which collect via snmp (v2c or v3) the number of concurrent APM users on a F5 Big IP. Use F5-BIGIP-APM-MIB = apmGlobalConnectivityStatCurConns. It also provides performance monitoring. You can run it as follow ...



Plugin in python to be run remotely via check_by_ssh on a FTP/SFTP/SCP server (in my case NAS synology). It allows to monitor if a file (like a backup of a device) is created regularly and optionally validate it against a md5 if available. It runs as fo ...

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