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check_asc (voice recording)

check_asc (voice recording) The script will check your ASC Marathon Evolution voice recording system. The script has been tested against version 10.00.14. In order to run it, you must order the the EMAIL/SNMP license at ASC (see http://www.asctelecom.com). Otherwise, it won't wo ...


check_aruba_time (check_hp_time)

The script connects via SSH to an Aruba Switch (HP Switch), executes the "show time" command and then compares the result with the current time. Depending on the chosen parameters it returns OK, WARNING or CRITICAL. In case of an error it returns UNKNOWN.



The script checks if the processes of I/CAD (Intergraphs Computer Aided Dispatch, sold by Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure) started by ISM Intergraph Interface Service Manager) currently have the intended state. Depending on the type of process this mean ...