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A task automation enhancement for Nagios that extends the function already available with the event handlers in a separate addon application that is easier to configure and also allows scheduled task to be executed automatically. It allows you to predef ...

/Category:Event Handlers

Check eDirectory LDAP Statistics

Check the number of different searches and errors from your LDAP server.



check_idm_sync Check Novell Identity Manager synchronization between eDirectory trees using ldap.



This program is used to check the zen_queue of the Novell Zenworks Linux Management (ZLM) solution.


check oes linux nss volume usage

This check programs allows you to check the volume usage of nss volumes running on OES linux systems and monitor several other parameters.


Novell SuSE Linux filesystem check plugin for Nagios

This program checks the usage of the monuted filesystems. It detects all mounted filesystems and compares the usage of them against the warning and critical value.