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check_zlm_zen_queue.shV 1.1 -
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This program is used to check the zen_queue of the Novell Zenworks Linux Management (ZLM) solution.
The check program connects to the zlm datastore (postgresql database) and reads all entries from the zen_queue table. It checks the results against warning, critical and limit values and reports back the status.

As a result you will get an output like this:

OK: In Prog: 0, New: 0, Failed: 2, Succeeded: 176|In Prog: 0, New: 0, Failed: 2, Succeeded: 176

This check program can run either directly on the zlm server or otherwise it requires a postgresql client to be installed on that system.

Something zlm administrators have to know is that most modifications in the zlm web console will result in an entry in the zen queue, where a different process will take and process them. So if something is wrong with the queue it can result in high utilization of the zlm server, slow device refreshes, bundles are note getting updated and such things.

Here is the help output from the check program:

Usage: -p

[-H host] [-d database] [-u database user]
[-w warning] [-c critical] [-l limit] [-h]

Required parameters:
-p ... postgresql password (no default)

-> this password can be found at the zlm server in the file
/etc/opt/novell/zenworks/hibernate.cfg.xml stored as
xml tag connection.password

Optional parameters:
-H ... hostname (default = localhost)
-d ... datbase (default = zenworks)
-u ... database user (default = zenadmin)
-w ... warning level for new state entries (default = 10)
-c ... critical level for new state entries (default = 20)
-l ... limit for in progress state entries (default = 5)
-h ... help (this page)

This check program was written by Rainer Brunold, 19.9.2007,

1. Brunold@Allianz.AT

This check program is written to check the ZEN Linux Management (ZLM)
software from Novell. It watches the zen_queue for it's entries and
reports the result back to nagios.

This program handles right now only the postgresql database from zlm.

Just a note on the -l: there are 5 threads available for processing
actions in zlm, so if there are mote then 5 entries in 'in progress'
state somethings going wrong !

This scripts also provides performance data output for usage in a
nagios grpah tool like nagiosgraph.

ATTENTION: the postgresql command line interface does not allow to

specify the password as a comamnd parameter. Therefor I
I have to write it to the home directory of the user
running this script (.pgpass). If that file exists, I check
if a host entry for this host is in, otherwise I append a
line with it. If the file doesn't exists I create it with
permissions 600 and leave it there after the check program
has finished ! Take care of this ! But running the script
the second time does not need the password to be provided
because it's in that file


V1.1 - problems with the nagios home directory, verify the $HOME and

if it doesn't seem to be okay set it to /home/nagios