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A check plugin which sends emails via SMTP and expects them to arrive in a defined POP3 email account. Using an external mail forward this script enables you to assert basic functionality of sending & receiving emails.

check pop3 account


check_pop3_account.pl logs into a POP3 or POP3 over SSL (POP3S) account and reports the number of messages found. It can optionally generate alerts based on the number of messages found. Performance data is available in the form of the number of messages ...

/Category:IMAP4 and POP3



This plugin checks a pop3 account for all emails matching a given subject. This could be useful if you have some sort of system that periodically sends an email to let you know its state. We use this for monitoring intellisync.

/Category:IMAP4 and POP3

html form

html_form.pl - Authenticate a web page by filling in a form using browser emulation allowing javascript and cookies to be processed. This script fills in the username and password boxes within a form and then searches the output for an expected string. ...