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check_email_loop_v1.3.1.pl2008-09-28 v.1.3.1 User contribution: Sanity check for required Authen:SASL required for SMTP Authentification
check_email_loop_v1.3.plSupport for SMTP Authentification
check_email_loop_v1.2.pl2009-02-03 v.1.3.2 Turn of perl warnings due to annoying warnigns about uninitialized vars
check_email_loop_v1.1.plFixed version. Other patchs are available
check_email_loop_v1.2beta.plBeta: Ability to handle multiple target servers
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A check plugin which sends emails via SMTP and expects them to arrive in a defined POP3 email account. Using an external mail forward this script enables you to assert basic functionality of sending & receiving emails.
Hi guys!

This is a plugin I wrote //centuries// ago.
Meanwhile I do not administer any email servers any more but this plugin seemed to be so useful to other peoples that it found its way to the Nagios core plugin distribution. I'm very happy to be part of the great Nagios community :)

I got notified that the plugin will be no longer part of the core plugin distribution. Hence I'm open for new maintainers of this plugin, to keep it alive and valueable. Any volunteers? Nevertheless I'll still trying my best to integrate the code improvement contributions I receive via email from the community into the current code base. So if you have a litte code change correction you feel it should find it's way into the public: just give me a short note.

Please also check the user comments on this plugin as they might contain more current information.

Have fun!
//- Benjamin//

--- Update 2009-02-03 v.1.3.2 Turn of annoying perl warning as users reported warning outputs about uninitalized vars
--- Update 2008-09-28: v1.3.1 introduces a minor sanity check on using SMTP authentification Thanks goes to James!
--- Update 2008-05-15: Just submitted v1.3. Another great code contribution from the users community. Now check_email_loop support SMTP Authentification. Thanks Johannes!
Reviews (3)
I lost control over this plugin exchange entry and claiming did not help.

If you're interested in the latest "official" version or you have patches to contribute please open a merge request on my github repository.

I'll try to review & integrate them on a best-effort basis.

- Benjamin
Excellent monitor. In some modern email systems the message is rejected, maybe due to antispam policies or the message not being compliant with some standards. The SMTP data bulk (starts at line 381) needs to be polished to something like this:

$smtp->datasend("To: $receiver
$smtp->datasend("From: $sender
$smtp->datasend("Subject: E-Mail Ping [$serial]
$smtp->datasend("Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; Content-Disposition: inline
"This is an automatically sent E-Mail.
"It is not intended for a human reader.

"Serial No: $serial

Once it includes the From field and the Content-Type tags it is accepted by al systems.
bymaxloi, August 7, 2012
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"only" good, because the parameter "maxmsg" doesn't work, both using it into the script nor modifying the script itself (but in this last case, probably I'm not able to correct the script because I'm not good with perl).