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Tips For Customising Configuration Wizards

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Tips For Customising Configuration Wizards.pdfTips For Customising Configuration Wizards
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Tips For Customising Configuration Wizards
Nagios XI comes with built in Configuration Wizards that allow you to monitor a host with little effort.

You may have a handful of services that you would like to add to a Configuration Wizard so you do not have to manually create them after the Configuration Wizard has been run. It is easy to modify an existing Configuration Wizard to include your customisations.

You can also create your own Configuration Wizard once you have understood the how a Configuration Wizard works.

This document is a guide of tips to help you achieve this. This document is a work in progress so some sections may not be complete or 100% correct.

You should also refer to the "Nagios XI Service Relationship Map" when reading this guide.