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byVoluAJ, June 22, 2015
NCPA Monitoring Wizard
nagios.inc.php needs the following updates:

update the api_url to read "services" not "service"
$services_api_url = "https://{$address}:{$port}/api/services?token={$token}";

update the api_root to read "services" not "service"
$services_api_root = $services_api_data['value']['services'];

This will allow the services to auto-populate in the wizard. Which makes life so much easier!
byVoluAJ, April 16, 2015
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Drop this script in your NCPA/plugins directory and call with check_ncpa.py 0.3.5:

check_ncpa.py -H -t '' -P 5693 -M agent/plugin/check_ms_win_disk_load.ps1 -a '-dl '

But make sure you're using 0.3.5. Arguments for custom plugins was fixed in that version.
byVoluAJ, April 16, 2015
The AWK for perf info doesn't seem to work just right for Tomcat7.

First line returns:
myapp_JVM_OK:|myapp_JVM_MB;;;0 myapp_JVM_MB;;;0 myapp_JVM_MB;;;0

Perf stats also assume that this app is the only one on the app server. I'm commenting out this perf data and will probably pull in as a separate service check. All will add my own AWK to pull the session count for the app requested as well as returning the last value of the line (which is myapp##

Thanks for this though! Got me going in the right direction.
byVoluAJ, February 24, 2015
IIS Dashboard
Never thought I would find fault with Spenser's work, but in his grok filter he has a - where %{DATA:referer} should be, right before HTTP response
byVoluAJ, December 30, 2014
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NaReTo is 404
byVoluAJ, February 27, 2014
I was under the assumption that I could take the value of the query back into Nagios, not just that it returns a static expected value.

I'm querying a count of rows on a table and I need to know if that goes over X. Would also like he value returned to be graphed.