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bysfalzzon, December 3, 2018
Its good to see hardware vendors supporting nagios

its just a shame that the performance data isnt reported by the plugin, as I'd like to be able to graph the temperature but it just reports the number of temperatures in the system for performance data

'Number of temperatures'=6;
bysfalzzon, May 11, 2018
i was writing something similar and thought I would check the exchange, this does pretty much exactly what I wanted so well done
bysfalzzon, June 26, 2017
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Dell Compellent
tried this out today, quite excited as my compellent has been chewing through disks lately but sadly the plugin does not execute

UNKNOWN: should never reach this part
bysfalzzon, February 11, 2017
Works perfectly highly recommend to anyone running openvpnas
bysfalzzon, January 1, 2015
Asterisk Log Analyzer
Its great dashboard, I had wondered why you went to so much effort with the grok filter, but then I noticed the grok-asterisk project on github, I hadnt thought about looking online for solutions like that so good work!

not sure why someone else rated this two stars, its clearly good not fair!
Owner's reply

Github grok filter was not up to current versions of Asterisk. It also did not split off everything I wanted into fields. So I had to do some considerable work on it, compared to what was in github.

Thanks for the vote and kind words!