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4 votes
MNTOS (Multi Nagios Tactical Overview System) gathers data from multiple Tactical overview pages on Nagios sites and compile it into a single XML file. The XML file can be used by any frontend supporting XML. Perfect tool when dealing with many nagios sites.
Se homepage for more information:

Example frontend included. Supports warningsounds on events.
Reviews (3)
While I did finally get this up and running, I did have problems with the gzipped tarball which was mentioned in a prior review. The other problem I finally figured out was that I needed to install the php-xml package and then restart apache to get this to work.
bymsaalfrank, December 20, 2010
3 of 4 people found this review helpful
As additional requirement i had to install the php::xsl package, what should be mentioned.

The package is gzipped twice, so do "gzip -d mntos-1.0.tar.gz && mv mntos-1.0.tar mntos-1.0.tar.gz", then go on as usual.
byquce, December 6, 2010
1 of 2 people found this review helpful
There are not instructions to install the application, when I try to install it sends errors, it seems that the file is damaged.