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Wood Floor Dark

Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Wood Floor Dark is a Nagios 3 theme, based on Arana.
Replace Nagios 'htdocs' directory with woodfloor_dark.
Wood Floor Dark is a Nagios 3 theme, based on Arana
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Reviews (2)
byded38fr, October 9, 2015

To correct Warning colors, I've changed and/or add the following lines in stylesheets/status.css

.statusWARNING { text-align: center; background-color: #ffa500; color: #000000; }

.statusBGWARNING a { color: #000000; }
.statusBGWARNING a:hover { color: #800000; }

byshawnbrito, July 11, 2014
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Hi Shane
I just wanted to say your Theme is really good. It was easy to install and configure on the older Nagios. I just have one small question.
On the "Service Problems" page; How can I change the Background color of the WARNING? The WARNINGS are Yellow with White Text :D which makes it a bit hard to read.. Which .css file do I need to edit in order to change the BackGround?

Thanks In Advance..
Owner's reply

Almost didn't see this post, I appreciate the comment. As far as which CSS, if I am correct it will likely be status.css. If you use Chrome the easy way to tell would be to right click on it, and choose inspect element. That should tell you which css it is hiding in. Or you can grep through the css files for the html color code. Hopefully that helps, and thank you again.