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Nagios Dashboard - PHP

6 votes
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PHP-based Nagios Dashboard lists hosts/services in a table with colors/fonts indicating up, down, warning, critical.
Created in PHP, requires PHP5 be installed on your Nagios box. Put script in /var/www and point your web browser to your
http://nagios box/nagios.php

We implemented Nagios and found that trying to display their web interface and some other interfaces on a projector screen was not working. I am not a dedicated programmer but i decided to code my own web interface.
Reviews (3)
bySpik31, January 7, 2015
This php dashboard is great! I've even customised it to only show Warning and Critical statuses:

I've also re-sized the table so that the lines only take up one line per service. Also added some comments so the script is easier to read. I've also modified the colours to match the Nagios 4.0.8 theme. Finally I tidied up some of the code, but I hope that someone else finds this useful!

This works on 4.0.8
by][ceman, November 19, 2012
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bybasilbaby, September 22, 2009
This dashboard script looks good. But I am adding a wish list for this.
1. I want to get similar dashboard of a specific host group. If somebody can share that, it will be great.