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EMC CLARiiON Monitoring Wizard

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Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
emcclariion.zipEMC CLARiiON Monitoring Wizard
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This Wizard allows you to monitor an EMC CLARiiON SAN.

You can monitor the following components of the SAN:
* Storage Processors = Status of each SP
* Storage Processors Information = Gets information on the SP (SP ID, Agent Revision, FLARE Revision, PROM Revision, Model/Type, Memory and Serial Number
* Storage Processors Busy Percentage = SP Busy % with performance data for graphing purposes
* Disks = Status of the Physical Disks attached in all the Disk Array Enclosures
* Cache = Status of the Read and Write Cache
* Faults = Report any Faults on the SAN
* Percentage Dirty Pages in Cache = % Dirty Pages in Cache with Performance Data for graphing purposes
* Port State = Status of the Ports on an SP
* HBA State = Status of a client's host bust adapter connection
* LUNs = Check the status of a specific LUN and reports State, ID, Name, Size, Free Space, RAID Group Type and Percentage Rebuilt
* RAID Group = Checks the status of a specific RAID Group and reports the State, ID, RAID Group Type, Logical Size, Free Space, Percentage Defragmentation Complete and Percentage Expansion Complete

The monitoring of the EMC CLARiiON is performed by a MODIFIED version of the check_emc_clariion.pl plugin written by Michael Streb @ NETWAYS GmbH.
Further information on this script is located at: http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Hardware/Storage-Systems/SAN-and-NAS/EMC-Clarion/check_emc_clariion-2Epl-maintained-by-Box293/details

NOTE: I no longer have access to an EMC CLARiiON and hence I can no longer continue to work on this project. Hence this project will need a new owner.

Twitter: @Box293
Version Notes:
* Initial release, tested on Nagios XI 2009R1.3G

* Added Storage Processors Busy Percentage, Storage Processors Idle Percentage and Percentage Dirty Pages in Cache
* Added GNU License

* Modified plugin to perform an SP Busy check [that uses the controller busy and idle ticks] and returns performance data (sp_cbt_busy). This is more accurate than the (sp_busy and sp_idle) method.

* Modified the plugin sp_cbt_busy check so it avoids spikes in graphs by checking for invalid values such as "less than 0" or "greater than 100%".
* NOTE: You may need to delete the existing check_emc_clariion.pl plugin from the Manage Plugins page for the plugin to be correctly updated

* Tested on Nagios XI 2012R1.4
* Updated Wizard to follow wizard coding best practices
* Updated Wizard to include new checks in the updated check_emc_clariion.pl plugin (new SP Information, LUNs and RAID Groups checks)
* check_emc_clariion.pl plugin version 2013-02-09 comes as part of this wizard
* Added functionality to test the EMC CLARiiON monitoring account to ensure it will work when services are added
* LUNs and RAID Groups checks will populate a list of all the LUNs or RAID Groups that are on the SAN you are going to monitor
* Updated installation steps for Navisphere server software and also un-installation steps if you have a previous version
* Added a Troubleshooting / Known Problems section
* Added ability to select existing SP Host objects on Step 2 of the wizard, makes it easier when coming back later to add more services

* Updated check_emc_clariion.pl plugin to version 2013-03-09 which adds the following:
** Plugin updated to incorporate new functionality of using a credentials file instead of supplying a username and password. This code was supplied by Uwe Kirbach
** Fixed a bug that was caused by older versions of perl and the use of switch statements. Changed these switch statements to if elsif statements to allow plugin to run on older versions of perl
Reviews (1)
byrredmond, July 18, 2011
1 of 2 people found this review helpful
A well written and comprehensive tool for monitoring an EMC SAN. Managers are loving this tool.