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Dell UPS Monitoring Wizard

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
dellups.zipDell UPS Monitoring Wizard

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Dell UPS Monitoring Wizard
This Wizard allows you to monitor Dell UPS via a network mananagement card. Specifically this is for the UPS devices manufactured by Eaton for Dell.

You can monitor the following:
Alarm Status
Battery Monitoring Status
Battery Remaining
Battery Test Status
Firmware Version
Firmware Version - Network Management Card
Global Status
Output VA Consumption
Output Watt Consumption
Output Watt Remaining
Serial Number
UPS Mode
The monitoring of the UPS is performed by the script.
Further information on this script is located at:

Version 2011-03-14
The first version released. Tested on Nagios XI 2009R1.4B and 2011R1.1.

Version 2011-03-26
* Plugin was updated so the battery_monitoring_status check reports a CRITICAL status if traps 11, 13, 15 or 57 are present (alerting that the UPS is either over/under AC Voltage OR Input Frequency is out of range OR UPS is on battery) (if UPS is On Battery it will NOT report a CRITICAL status if a Battery Test is in progress)
* Plugin has an alarm_status check added
* Added GNU License

Version 2011-03-28
* Corrected error checking code in wizard

Version 2012-04-23
* Added firmware_version_nic check that will report the Network Management Card Firmware Version
Reviews (1)
bych, January 2, 2014

after the command i get this error message:
Could somebody please help me with that?

sudo ./ -H -C public -T serial_number
Possible unintended interpolation of @o_attrL in string at ./ line 663.
Global symbol "@o_attrL" requires explicit package name at ./ line 663.
Unmatched ( in regex; marked by
Owner's reply

Hi ch. Sorry for the delay in reply. Can you please email me at so I can help you resolve this issue.