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Category: Other Tutorials And HOWTOs

Additional tutorials and HOWTOs that aren't specific to the setup or operation of Nagios XI or Nagios Core.

Nagios Log Server

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Setting Up An Analog Modem For Nagios Alerts, Part 1


This is Part 1 of a tutorial that demonstrates how to set up an analog modem for Nagios alerts.

Setting Up An Analog Modem For Nagios Alerts, Part 2


This is Part 2 of a tutorial that demonstrates how to set up an analog modem for Nagios alerts.

Setting Up An Analog Modem For Nagios Alerts, Part 3


This is Part 3 of a tutorial that demonstrates how to set up an analog modem for Nagios alerts.

Setting Up Email Alerts for Network Monitoring with Nag...


This article will show you how to set up e-mail alerts for network monitoring with Nagios.

Setting Up Fully Redundant Failover Nagios Servers


This article demonstrates how to set up fully redundant failover Nagios servers.

Setting Up Nagios Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty and Forward Notifi...


Learn how to set up Nagios in Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) and how to forward notifications using postfix.

Setting Up Severity-Based Alerting with the Nagios API


This article discusses how to segment your Nagios and PagerDuty alerts based on whether the Nagios alert is a critical or non-critical type alert.

Setup Nagios on Fedora


This tutorial demonstrates how to install Nagios on Fedora.

Setup: Secure Nagios Server


This article will show you how to secure your Nagios server.

Simple Nagios NRPE Bash Plugin To Check A URL Or Image ...


Learn how to check a URL or image existence with a simple NRPE bash plugin in Nagios!

Six Nagios Command Line Options Explained With Examples


This article explains various command line options that are available for the nagios command.

SMS Alerts With Nagios


This article will show you how to set up SMS alerts in Nagios.

SMS Nagios Notifications With PHP And Twilio


This tutorial will show you how to set up your Nagios SMS notifications using Twilio.

SNMP Monitoring With Nagios


This article will show you how to monitor your network with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and Nagios.

Sophos Antivirus Passive Checks

This article explains how to set nagios up for receiving Sophos Antivirus messages. You can see witch computers have viruses, or are outdated etc...

Step By Step Install & Configure Nagios


This short tutorial will show you step by step how to install and configure Nagios.

Syncsort back-up checks

How to receive passice checks from a Syncsort back-up server and display them into Nagios as service check.

The Definitive Quickstart Beginners Guide to Nagios for...


This tutorial walks through the basics of configuring Nagios, with a strong focus on maintainability and scalability. We start small and simple, but pay attention to inheritance and keeping your config files organized. In the end, you'll have a rather ...


Tip - Convert Nagios.log Timestamp


This short tutorial will show you how to convert an ugly timestamp into something more readable in Nagios.

Tips for configuring SSH for check_by_ssh


Tips for configuring user accounts and client-side ssh to prepare Nagios to use sash host checks


Tips On Nagios Installation To Bypass SELinux


Community-distributed tips on bypassing SELinux during a Nagios installation.

Track Cisco BGP Peers Using Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor BGP in Cisco with Nagios.

Troubleshooting Mail on Nagios XI


This tutorial demonstrates how to troubleshoot email notifications in Nagios XI.

Troubleshooting Nagios 3.0


Wojciech Kocjan, author of “Learning Nagios 3.0, has an article on troubleshooting the Nagios web interface, passive checks, SSH-Based checks, and NRPE.

Twagios - Use Twitter For Nagios Notifications


This tutorial demonstrates how to configure Nagios, in order to receive alerts in Twitter.

Twagios 2.0 - Nagios Notifications Revisited


This tutorial will show you how to set your Twitter Notifications in Nagios.

Tweak - Nagios SMS Messaging


Want to send SMS messages from Nagios? Read this article by MWalker.

Using an SMS Server to Provide a Robust Alerting Servic...


This article will show you how to use a SMS server to increase the reliability and dependability of receiving critical alerts and notifications in Nagios.



Using MNTOS This video tutorial demonstrates the MNTOS (“Multi-Nagios Tactical Overview System”) monitoring aggregation tool that can be used with Nagios XI or Nagios Core.

Using Nagios MIBs with a SonicWALL


This short tutorial will show you how you can leverage MIBs from third party vendors with Nagios.

Using Nagios To Monitor For WinSCP & SSH Host Key Check


This tutorial demonstrates how to use Nagios to monitor for WinSCP and SSH Host key check.

Using Nagios To Monitor Multiple VirtualHosts


This article will demonstrate how to monitor multiple virtual hosts using Nagios.

Using Nagios To Monitor Test Systems


This short article describes why and how you should use Nagios to monitor test systems.

Using Nagios to Monitor Your Clusters’ Health


This article will demonstrate how to monitor your clusters' health via the check_cluster plugin in Nagios.

VMWare Alarm Sender For Nagios


A simple Perl script for sending VMWare alarm information back to Nagios via the NRDP interface. Compatible with vCenter 3.5, 4.x, 5.0.

Webmetrics API plug-in for Nagios


In this article you will learn about the Webmetrics API plugin for Nagios.

Writing Custom Nagios Plugins With Python


This article will show you how to write custom Nagios plugins with Python.

Writing Nagios Plugins Using PyNagios


This tutorial will provide an introduction and examples for writing Nagios plugins using PyNagios.

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