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Category: Other Tutorials And HOWTOs

Additional tutorials and HOWTOs that aren't specific to the setup or operation of Nagios XI or Nagios Core.

Nagios Log Server

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Nagios Script To Monitor Memory Uses


This is a community-distributed script, which can be used in Nagios to monitor Linux memory usage.

Nagios Setup on CentOS 5.3


In this blog you can learn how to install Nagios on CentOS 5.3.

Nagios SNMP Check All Disks Plugin


This article talks about a community-distributed plugin, that uses snmpwalk, and monitors your disk partitions.

Nagios to Service-Now ticket integration (NSNT)


This article covers the integration of Service-Now Ticketing system to Nagios.

Nagios Toner Check Scripts


In this article you will find a couple of toner scripts for Nagios.

Nagios Utils.php Script For PHP Plugins


In this blog, you will find a community-distributed script for making ir easier to write nagios plugins in PHP.

Nagios V-Shell Review


This article offers you a short review of V-Shell and an interview with the lead developer of V-Shell, Mike Guthrie.

Nagios Version Upgrade Preparations


This tutorial will walk you through the steps for upgrading a production Nagios system.

Nagios Version Upgrade Production Cut-over


This tutorial will show you how to cut over a new version of Nagios into production.

Nagios with NginX in Ubuntu


This article shows you how to use Nagios with NginX in Ubuntu.

Nagios With SMTP Outgoing Authentications


This tutorial shows how to configure SMTP and Nagios, so that your critical notifications are not treated as spam.

Nagios XI 2014-R1 brief installation testing May 2014


This article provides some feedback on the Nagios XI 2014R1 from Circling Cycle IT Systems and Arts Consulting.

Nagios XI 2014-R1.0RC3 brief installation testing May 2...


This article provides some feedback on the Nagios XI 2014R1.0RC3 from Circling Cycle IT Systems and Arts Consulting.

Nagios XMPP Notifications For GTalk


This article will demonstrate how to make Nagios Notifications work with GTalk.

Nagios, Passive Service and Host Checks


The blog will show you how to set passive host checks in Nagios.



This is a script to failover nagios servers if and when they are down - automatically done via bash fail over script.

Nagios/Monitoring Plugin: IBM System Storage TS 3x00 Ta...


This is a community-distributed plugin that can be used to check an IBM System Storage TS Tape Library in Nagios.

Nagios3 On Debian External Commands


This short tutorial demonstrates how to enable external commands in Nagios on a Debian install of Nagios.

Nagios: Automatically Restart IIS After a CRITICAL Aler...


This tutorial will show you how to use an even handler to automatically restart IIS after a receiving a Critical alert in Nagios.

Nagios: Check WMI Plus On Ubuntu


This article explains how to install the WMI Plus plugin with Nagios on recent releases of Ubuntu.

Nagios: Checking For Abnormally Large NetApp Snapshots


This article shows you a community-distributed Nagios perl script to check for abnormally large NetApp snapshots.

Nagios: Enable External Commands


This article shows how to enable external commands in Nagios.

Nagios: How To Enable check_nrpe Command Line Arguments


This tutorial describes how to enable the command line arguments for check_nrpe in Nagios and troubleshoot the "CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes from daemon" error message.

Nagios: Implementing Auto-Complete For The Search Box


This article will demonstrate how to implement auto-complete for the search box in Nagios.

Nagios: Monitor SSL Certificates For Expiration


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor SSL certificates for expiration with Nagios.

Nagios: SAP CCMS Monitoring (Part 1)


This community-distributed tutorial will show you have to implement Nagios and SAP CCMS Monitoring (Part 1).

Nagios: SAP CCMS Monitoring (Part 2)


This community-distributed tutorial will show you have to implement Nagios and SAP CCMS Monitoring (Part 2).

NetApp SNMP Monitoring With Nagios


This tutorial will show you how to monitor NetApp filers with Nagios.

Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD


Learn how to monitor your network with Nagios and OpenBSD!

Notify Nagios From Java


This tutorial demonstrates how to send notifications from a java application to Nagios.

NRPE Nagios Plugin To Check The Number Of Files In A Di...


This tutorial will demonstrate how to check the number of files in a directory with NRPE and Nagios.

Organizing Nagios Config Files


This short tutorial will show you how to organize your Nagios config files.

OWL energy monitor to nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor a CM160 owl energy monitor in nagios.

Percona Monitoring Plugins for Nagios


Check this out - it's a list of Percona monitoring plugins for Nagios!

Performance Graphs for Nagios with nagiosgraph


Performance Graphs for Nagios with nagiosgraph Performance History Graphs for Nagios with nagiosgraph

Protecting Nagios From Zero-Day Exploits with ModSecuri...


This tutorial with show you how to protect Nagios from zero-day exploits with ModSecurity. Thank you, Mike!

Receiving SNMP Traps in Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to receive SNMP traps in Nagios.

Regional Nagios Server Setup


This article will demonstrate how to setup a regional Nagios server.

Remote server monitoring with nagios


This article describes how to monitor a remote service with Nagios and NRPE.

Replacing Ping With Nmap For Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to replace Ping with Nmap for Nagios.

RT-Nagios Gateway


This short article talks about the bi-directional RT-Nagios gateway, which can help you transform specific alerts from Nagios into a Help Desk ticket in Request Tracker and help you achieve compliance.

Scaling NSClient Plus Plus with Nagios


This article demonstrates how to scale NSClient++ with Nagios.

Scheduled Downtime and Nagios


This is a nice tutorial on scheduling downtime in Nagios. Thank you, Mike!

Scheduling Multiple Service Checks in Nagios


In this blog you can review a community-written shell script in BASH aimed at automating the process of scheduling multiple service checks in Nagios.

Security Patch Monitoring with Nagios


This tutorial describes one approach of monitoring the patch compliance of network devices.

Sending SNMP Traps From Nagios


This tutorial will demonstrate how to send SNMP traps from Nagios.

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