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Install Nagios XI In Under 10 Minutes Guide For vSphere

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  • Nagios XI
Network Monitoring Software - Download Nagios XI
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Install Nagios XI In Under 10 Minutes Guide For vSphere
This brief introduction of Nagios XI download choices will show you which option is best for you and get you up and running with Nagios in minutes.

Nagios XI is powerful monitoring software that monitors all mission-critical infrastructure components in any environment. This trial will offer up fully functional Enterprise features free for 60 days and once you have Nagios XI installed, consult the Nagios YouTube channel or Nagios.com for more fantastic resources. Whether you’re a sys admin at a startup, the CTO of a multi-billion dollar company or somewhere in between, Nagios XI’s comprehensive features can work for you.

The Microsoft tab helps you get up and running on a Microsoft workstation or server using either VMware Workstation Player or Hyper-V.

The VMware/ESX/vSphere choice is for those familiar with virtual machines lie VMware Workstation Player or vSphere.

The Linux choice allows you to manually install Nagios XI via tarball.

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