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bystephanhughson, May 20, 2016
Very useful, thanks for making it. If there are any newer versions with more checks, please let me know :-).
bystephanhughson, February 24, 2015
check_ups_snmp 2
Hi, This is great, thanks so much.
Works perfectly and gets loads of useful information.
bystephanhughson, October 14, 2014
Very handy, thank you. By the way, to the first person who posted; this plugin runs on the Nagios server.
bystephanhughson, October 10, 2014
Status JSON Generator
This is really useful, thanks so much.
bystephanhughson, September 14, 2014
Thanks for the excellent plugin and documentation on your site. Please keep up the good work :-).
bystephanhughson, July 1, 2014
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
The OID I'm seeing people check for CPU (and can confirm works) is

Line 50 of the script as it is today, 20140702. Starting "my $oid_cpu_usage ="
bystephanhughson, July 1, 2014
ambermeh - Within the script, it has a line starting with "use lib" and a fixed path. In my case that needed to be changed to /usr/lib/nagios/plugins. In the command definition, I also decided to use /usr/bin/perl instead of the built-in Nagios perl. Just by prefixing /usr/bin/perl in command_name. Hope that helps. We've got disk, memory, cpu and sessions all working, so let me know if you're stuck and I can share.