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bysteffan, February 17, 2014
Works like a charm.

But there is one bug.
If the hostname can't be resolved into an IP address, you get an error on line 141.
To fix this, i edited the function blkcheck to look like this:

sub blcheck
my ($ip, $bl) = @_;
my $lookupip = $ip;
if (!defined($lookupip)) {
print ("ERROR: hostname could not be resolved.\n");
$lookupip =~
if (lookup($lookupip)) { return 1 }
else { return 0 }
bysteffan, January 8, 2014
Great little script.

Not much code. It's simple and clean.
Had to use this because i was unable to get the default nagios-plugins' check_users binary to output the performance data in the way i wanted so i added it to this script myself and used it instead.
bysteffan, December 11, 2012
Nagios Dash

First of all i want to say that i like this alot. i have been using it for about a year now, made some small changes myself but nothing big.

Some things do bother me:

1. Criticals are displayed before down hosts, then if the screen is not big enough, the down host gets hidden for us.
Would be better for us if down hosts always where on top.

2. If a host goes down, the critical services on that host also gets displayed on the screen, and then problem #1 happens. A options to filter services on a down host would be awesome.

Else this is a really great plugin/addon/whatever you want to call it.. and i like it alot! we have 2x24" monitors in the sealing connectet to a linux box that's displaying this in fullscreen :)

I want to thanks the one who uploadet/made this, for doing so. and i hope you will look over the two problems mentioned above, if you have the time. I tried myself, but my coding skills are not good enough :(
bysteffan, December 4, 2012
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This is just great,

Have been using it for about a year now, and never had problems with this addon!!
Great filtering options too, i can filter everything just how i like it!
bysteffan, June 25, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
This script/plugin whatever you want to call it. is just in one word "Awesome".

It just works "out-of-the-box" (i already had perl-net-snmp installed).

It outputs all the usefull information that i need from the chassis.

The only downside i see, is that on our C7000 enclosure it does not output any errors when a harddrive in a blade server goes bad. BUT this i cant see from the chassis' ilo webinterface either, so i cant really see how this plugin should be able to..
(i set up a secondary check with a different plugin on every blade to do this for me..)

So i just want to say thank you ALOT to the user who made and shared this!
bysteffan, December 7, 2011
nsc (Nagios Console Monitor)
Cant get it to work.

Installs fine, install script was excelent and really easy!!
But, its not working for me.

If i run it without parameters, it looks for status.log not status.dat!
+ if i then run it with the parameter and define status.dat location it fails!.. sadly.
bysteffan, December 7, 2011
First i had trouble installing on OpenSUSE11, since lcurses doesn't exist but lncurses does (had to change it in the Makefile using VI. after that i was able to make and install it.

But its not working, sadly. i really liked the look of it but when i run it, it outputs:
"reading status.dat...Segmentation fault" and then quits.
Dont think it works with my version of nagios, or its looking for the status.dat in a wrong place, but i cant set where to look for it?!?!?!
So sadly, doesnt work :(
Owner's reply

Hi Steffan! I know you submitted this cnagios review forever ago, but I recently took over maintenance of cnagios.

I believe the status.dat issue was fixed before I took over, but lcurses vs lncurses issue on OpenSUSE might still be a problem?

If you have the time, would love it if you could try again with the latest sources and let me know what your makefile tweak was, I'll integrate it in to the official makefile.

If you have long since moved on, no worries. :)


bysteffan, December 4, 2011
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Archive broken.
bysteffan, December 2, 2011
Works great..

i had a little trouble getting all the packages to work that this script needs, but finally got them all and now it runs perfect :)

Tho i have some idears that would make this plugin alot better:

1. to support iLO1 (we have a couple of old servere, with iLO-1 cards.)

2. if you have a server with a lot of temperature sensors, the output list from this plugin is HUGE and confusing (i have a server with 25 temperature sensors!) and this plugin just outputs them all as "temp_" would be great with the names description/name there too.

3. we use the "service description" in nagios a lot, and the description from this plugin is confusing and shows a lot more info than needed.
a great feature would be to have the plugin monitor only 1 thing, for example the temperatures only. or the HDD's only. that way i would create a server check for each to make out nagios installation clean and easy to understand.

4. maybe an option to choose a specific temperature sensors to check? (e.g "temp_15")

5. a option to only veiw the RAID/disk status.

i think all the above is possible the way this plugin is already checking the health of the server, since all that output is in the XML, but some of it gets ignored.
But that was just my thoughts on what could make this plugin better :)

else this is an awesome plugin, and thanks alot for sharing it!!
bysteffan, December 2, 2011
Works great!

I like the feature with the button in the web UI to administrate the downtimes.
have been running with this for half a year now, and no problems at all (except i had to increase my "external commands allowed at the same time" in the nagios config because i had too many downtimes ;D)
bysteffan, December 2, 2011
Not working for me,
downloadet the script
chmod +x delete_old_comments.pl
sudo ./delete_old_comments.pl -d 10 -s /usr/local/nagios/var/status.dat -c /usr/local/nagios/rw/nagios.cmd

and nothing happens, the script runs, but no errors, no output, and no comments deleted (even tho there are a lot comments over 10 days old.)
so doesn't work, sadly.
i use Nagios Core Version 3.2.3