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statusmap resizing with exclude/include buttton

5 votes
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
statusmap.diffdiff file
include_all-orig.pngcomplete map (non-patched)
include_all-patch.pngcomplete map (patched)
include_parents-orig.pngonly a few host included (non-patched)
include_parents-patch.pngonly a few host included (patched)
exclude_parents_webservers-orig.pngsome excluded hosts (non-patched)
exclude_parents_webservers-patch.pngsome excluded hosts (patched)
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Really exclude/include hostgroups from statusmap when using corresponding button, thus making it smaller and clearer.

I'm currently using nagios3, and I would like to propose a patch to change the behaviour of the statusmap cgi.
It may not interest everybody, but it's quite useful in the
environment I use (hundred of monitored hosts).

Actually, when users select groups to exclude/include, the whole map is still displayed, with the not-selected groups just hidden, which is not quite useful for me.
The goal of this patch is to redraw the map with only the selected groups, as if they were the only one in the configuration.

This way, the map displayed "looks bigger", and the view is more user-friendly than usual.

the patch attached was developed for nagios 3.0.6 (debian version) but was tested it on the 3.2 version successfully...

the patch also change the background color of host having critical/warning services but still being up, from green to the 'yellow' warning color.

Reviews (2)
byhuangyi, November 16, 2011
Problem ?
How to use statusmap.diff
byrfults, September 19, 2011
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Works great with Nagios 3.2.3 on RHEL5! Quite useful when dealing with a multi-tenant system.