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bynoc, January 27, 2013
Plugin some time return error
"Illegal division by zero at ./check_iftraffic64.pl line 427" when runing in console
"Return code of 25 is out of bounds" when used in nagios
Owner's reply

I believe the "Illegal division" issue has been fixed. The other one however, 'Return code of 25..." has not been resolved. I have been unable to track it down but suspect it has something to do with the nagios host not able to open any more network connections for the script. We see that one in our environment but it is intermittent. I don't understand the relationship between the perl interpreter and the network sockets ona machine, is there a limit to how many a process can open? I may be way off on this.

bynoc, September 9, 2012
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If i dont want to reinstall nagios again then how can i apply this patch ?
Owner's reply

Hi, In fact you need to recompile the source code for now. The changes was only in 2 files status.cgi and cgiutils.cgi

So you can recompile and overwrite thoese 2 files.

I'm trying to get Nagios team to put this in core and later you will not need to recompile :-) Hope so!..