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bylausser, July 10, 2023
Many installatons of NSClient++ are facing the threat of being decommissioned because development seems to have stopped and security issues have not been fixed since several years. The new agent SNClient implements the essential features of NSClient++ with a very small code base and contemporary software techniques.
Pen test results do no longer show any issues related to TLS and outdated ciphers.
For most use cases, SNClient can replace NSClient out of the box.
Besides that, it can also replace the NRPE daemon on Linux and OSX systems with little effort.
bylausser, July 12, 2013
I always wanted to write a check_postgres_health to join the family of my database plugins. But with an existing plugin like this one, it would be a waste of time.
So many features, consistent command line parameters, clean code... A very useful plugin!
bylausser, July 22, 2010
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MSSQL Job Monitoring
It's a few lines shell script around binary java files hiding the core functionality. Any chance to see the source code? I won't let this connect to my databases and do whatever without having the slightest idea what's inside.
Owner's reply

yes its open source, i shared the source code mssqljob.zip file. Because i am changing some of the logic. So that i did not shared the code. I tested thoroughly last week its working fine for me. I included a design and installation document with that zip file.