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bylausser, July 12, 2013
I always wanted to write a check_postgres_health to join the family of my database plugins. But with an existing plugin like this one, it would be a waste of time.
So many features, consistent command line parameters, clean code... A very useful plugin!
bylausser, July 22, 2010
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MSSQL Job Monitoring
It's a few lines shell script around binary java files hiding the core functionality. Any chance to see the source code? I won't let this connect to my databases and do whatever without having the slightest idea what's inside.
Owner's reply

yes its open source, i shared the source code mssqljob.zip file. Because i am changing some of the logic. So that i did not shared the code. I tested thoroughly last week its working fine for me. I included a design and installation document with that zip file.