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bychrisman, December 16, 2019
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Great plugin since years.
But I have a problem with the --chkenv on an iRMC S5, it give a wrong status.

According to the documentation I can split this into:


these checks brings the correct status "ok" but the --chkenv brings "UNKNOWN"

Sample-output from an S4:

OK Environment(ok)
| Ambient=22C;37;42 Systemboard=44C;75;80 CPU1=54C;97;98 CPU2=46C;97;98 MEM_A=33C;78;82 MEM_B=33C;78;82 MEM_C=34C;78;82 MEM_D=34C;78;82 MEM_E=33C;78;82 MEM_F=33C;78;82 MEM_G=35C;78;82 MEM_H=35C;78;82 PCH=46C;80;85 LOM=41C;67;70 PSU1_Inlet=30C;57;61 PSU2_Inlet=34C;57;61 PSU1=40C;103;107 PSU2=44C;103;107 RAID_Controller=64C;110;114

Sample-Output from a S5:

ID=XXXXXXXXX Systemname=XXXXXXX Description="Primergy iRMC S4 Wed Jan 23 17:40:57 CET 2019" Location="- unknown -" Contact="root@localhost" BaseServer-OS="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" BaseServer-FQDN="XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX"
| Ambient=21C;37;42 Systemboard_1=30C;75;80 Systemboard_2=45C;75;80 CPU1=47C;89;90 CPU2=43C;89;90 MEM_A=40C;78;82 MEM_B=39C;78;82 MEM_C=41C;78;82 MEM_D=43C;78;82 MEM_E=43C;78;82 MEM_F=43C;78;82 MEM_G=38C;78;82 MEM_H=37C;78;82 MEM_J=36C;78;82 MEM_K=39C;78;82 MEM_L=39C;78;82 MEM_M=39C;78;82 PCH=68C;80;85 OCP=46C;69;72 PSU1_Inlet=33C;57;61 PSU2_Inlet=37C;57;61 PSU1=43C;103;107 PSU2=47C;103;107 RAID_Controller=82C;110;114 HDD=36C;60
Owner's reply

Thanks for the info. There was a bug concerning iRMC S5 "Overall component status values". I'm not sure if this is the case here. You can create an logoutput with high verbose Level and sent this to the iRMC Support.

bychrisman, January 20, 2015
Hi maybe I'm wrong but your script returns not the RAM used it returns the RAM free.

Your script queries two values:

$total_ram with OID .
$total_ram_free with OID .

but OID . is not the used RAM on my linux boxes it's the memAvailReal.0

I changed your script a bit and turned "$total_ram_used" to "$total_ram_free" and added a line before "$percentage_ram_used":

$total_ram_used = $total_ram - $total_ram_free;

cheers chris