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byRookie23, February 15, 2017
check_vmfs.sh - Check vmfs datastores through VMware VCLI
IS the check compatible with ESXi 6.0?
I am getting the following error
Error: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.
when the password is completely right , since I can use it with vmware-cmd through vCLI 6 on the same nagios host (which is a prerequisite to make this check work)
My .txt file is in format:
IP root password

and I have 9 servers defined in it, tried them all in the check, all get the same error
Owner's reply

As said in description, this scripts is JUST compatible with ESXi 4.x (old versions) and 5.x (last versions).
That's what I've got here to test and try it. I havent upgraded to Esxi 6.x yet, sorry.

byRookie23, February 9, 2016
I am getting this message when I want to try it from my nagios server. NSClient on Windows is 0.4.172, and set up is per your instructions here
Tried the script manually from command line in Windows, works really good.

Please if you can, contact me, I am quite clueless what to do