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ip-label Newtest probe s plugin

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
Newtestlib.pmpm for newtest web services
Newtest_pooler.plperl script for the pooler
Newtest_plugin_rbt.plprobe plugin
Newtest_plugin_rbt_sce.plscenario plugin
newtest_config.cfgconfiguration file
NEP_210_PLUGIN_NAGIOS_EN.pdfplugin documentation
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this plugin is an plabel newtest plugin in order to integrate and manage probes and test result of newtest probe.
with it , you could integrate sla and qoe metrics and
status under nagios
The main concept centers on integrating the supervision of Newtest robots and scenarios, using two plug-ins and a pooler to collect data and status from these two types of Newtest object.
This integration solution is built on two modules: The first is the pooler whose role is to retrieve data concerning all robots and scenarios present on the NMC server, via web services requests.
The second consists of two Nagios plug-ins whose role is to transmit data to Nagios in a format that is comprehensible to Nagios.
Thus an overview of the solution includes: Pooler: status requests for all robots and scenarios, as well as the values of the latest execution of all scenarios and robots present within the configuration of the NMC server. Scheduling of pooler execution on the server that houses the Nagios supervision mode.
Call to the robot plug-in (one call per robot) via Nagios: analysis of the pooler’s result file for the status of the target robot
Active check: call to the scenario plug-in (one call per scenario) via Nagios : analysis of the pooler’s result file for the target scenario
OR Passive check: triggers passive check of all scenarios on a robot when active check of the robot is activated