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Check many services

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check_services.plversion 1.1
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check_services.pl v1.1 perl script can check many host:service pairs for its status and report summary of them. For Nagios 2.x
check_service.pl v1.1 can take host:service pairs as argument,
and report summary of their statuses.

For example, if you want to check many services on many
hosts and if every service is correct - report correct status,
you can use this script.

You can launch it as:


and create new service with this command. If all services (PING on host1, all services on host2, SMTP on host3)
are correct - status of new service would be correct also.

In case of any (all) services would be incorrect (critical,
warning,unknown), new service would have critical status.

You can use this script to monitor for example many services
on some host which are dependent each on each other, and
have one new service as summary of them, and ie. send notification
to some other person