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check_solaris_nics_1_11.tar.gzcheck_solaris_nics 1.11
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Nagios plugin to check network interfaces (link status, duplex, speed) on Solaris.
This Nagios plugin checks link status, duplex and speed for
given Solaris network interfaces. Tested with bge, ce,
e1000g, eri, hme, nxge and qfe devices (feel free to add more).

You can give one or more interfaces and their expected speeds
and duplex settings as parameters. The plugin will return:

0 (OK) - if all interfaces are up with correct speed and duplex
1 (WARNING) - if all interfaces are up but any of them has
incorrect speed or duplex
2 (CRITICAL) - if one or more interfaces are down


# -i ce0 -s 1000 -d full
OK - ce0 up 1000 Mbps full duplex

# -i ce1 -s 1000 -d full
SPEED WARNING - ce1 up 100 Mbps full duplex

# -i ce2 -s 1000 -d full
DUPLEX WARNING - ce2 up 100 Mbps half duplex

# -i ce3 -s 1000 -d full
CRITICAL - ce3 down

Revision: 1.11
- added option -e (errors only)
- some minor internal tweaks with variable naming etc.

Reviews (1)
I apologize for the average rating of this Nagios Plugin, but I didn't know how to submit a question about it.

I am so new to Nagios, and we are running Nagios XI specifically, and so I am slowly diving in to the management through the use of the interface without any sort of mentoring.

Anyway, I found out that I can add a Nagios Plugin, I found your plugin, and we do have Solaris 10 (x86|sparc) machines and wanted to upload it properly.

I uploaded the plugin providing the full filename to include the .tar.gz extension; but when loaded it is listed as the exact filename to include the extensions. Is this normal, did I do something wrong considering I have no instructions by which to perform this basic task?

Thank you in advance,