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Basic monitor to check percentage of used physical RAM.
Basic monitor to check percentage of used physical RAM.

This script was quickly hacked together for my current customer, as a Q&D solution for their monitoring needs. It's no beauty, but it works. Written in ksh and tested with:
* Solaris 8
* NRPE 1.9

Should work with other versions as well.

UPDATE 19/06/2006:
Cleaned up the script a bit and added some checks that are considered the Right Thing to do. Should have done this -way- earlier!

I've also -finally- changed the script so that it takes the Warning and Critical percentages from the command line.

UPDATE 15/07/2006:
Whoops... I just noticed that the file had gone missing <3

UPDATE 20/10/2006:
There were some nasty bugs in the script. I have no clue why nobody e-mailed me about them. Especially since the script's been downloaded so often! Silly people. Oh well, here's a new version.

UPDATE 22/10/2006:
Another minor fix. Also added debugging facilities, like many of my other scripts.