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test_log3.txtA test script that goes through all permutations.
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Improved log checker, with state retention and multiple error levels.
Today I made an improved version of the Nagios monitor "check_log2", which is now aptly called "check_log3". It includes all the improvements I originally added to "check_log2", so you can simply use this as a drop-in replacement.

Version 3 of this script gives you the option to add a second query to the monitor.

The previous two incarnations of the script only allowed you to search for one query and would return a Critical if it was found. Now you can also add a query which will return in a Warning message as well. Goody! :3

1st of Feb, 2006:

Kyle Tucker pointed out that he had problems running this script with bash on Solaris. The changes he suggested have been worked into the newer version. Thanks Kyle :)

5th of Mar, 2006:

I finally got round to fix the script according to all the changes Kyle (and others) suggested. So here's another try! Right now I've tested the script on Red Hat, Mac OS X and Solaris, so it should be much better than before.

19th of June, 2006:

Cleaned up the script a bit and added some checks that are considered the Right Thing to do. Should have done this -way- earlier!

Also stomped out a few horrendous bugs! I'm very sorry for putting out such a buggy script earlier... If you've started using the script in your environment, please download the latest version. Thanks to Ali Khan for pointing out these mistakes.